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English Premier League Football Competitions









English Premier League

English premier league is also known as the Barclays premier league. It mainly consists of twenty team competition for the league. Its season begins in late August every year and end in May. The teams are Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool. Tottenham Hotspurs, Newcastle United, Astonvilla, Cardiff and Fulman are the other teams. The others comprise of Everton, Stoke City, Swansea City, Southampton, Hull City, Crystal Palace and West Ham United. The list still comprise of West Brom, Norwich City and Sunderland. Livescore is the main source of online live score.
During every season the competition becomes very competitive. The last three teams are sent off to the lower division. This means in every new season there are new three teams joining the league. During the end of the season teams are allowed to transfer players from one team to the other. A team can buy even players from outside England. This period is known as the transfer window. A short transfer window that begins on first January to thirty first of the same month is also offered. During this short transfer window teams can buy good players to boost their squad. Read More

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Other important competition in English premier league

The competition begins with a match between two clubs. This is the Community Shield cup. It is played a week before the start of the English premier league. It involves the winners of the premier league and the FA cup in the previous season. In-case the winner of the league and FA was one team then the chance is given to another team. This is always the runner-up in the premier league. It a final match because it is only played once at Wembley Stadium. This is to make the teams equal without home support. Read More






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